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For the first time divers can see the true, scientifically correct, rich texture of colors that exist in the sea. With the AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ dive mask it is possible to see more marine life details than with conventional dive masks, because color is definition. The masks are especially impressive when diving on colorful coral reefs.

AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ dive masks provide a whole new perspective of the underwater world. Among colorful coral reefs many divers may consider these masks the biggest breakthrough for diver enjoyment since the invention of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA).

Dive masks made with silicone skirts have severe fogging problems. All AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ dive masks are made with a FOGLESS component that actually works well. It’s another technical plus for divers.

Most diving around the world is done at depths that are totally appropriate for AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ dive masks. The color correction mask is not designed to replace conventional clear masks for night diving, cave diving or other dark conditions.

Dive in Color

The version of mask with one unfiltered lens is especially appropriate for photographers working with color correcting filters on cameras with reflex viewfinders, or for diving where low light levels might be encountered.

"AquacolorÒ is the standard!" From a purely scientific standpoint, no other so-called "color correcting" dive mask can ever qualify to make such a claim.


* AQUACOLORÒ LENSES - Made with the same patented, world renowned, color correcting photographic filter formulas that won the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers international gold medal "for revolutionizing underwater amateur, documentary, and cinema film and video production; the unique system has produced a dramatic new perspective of the sea, its creatures and man in the sea."[Click Here For More Info]

* BIMONOCULARÒ - Patented technology that makes possible the scientifically accurate correction of the entire visible light spectrum without severe light loss to the images received by the brain.[Click Here For More Info]

* OPAQUE MASK SKIRTS - The Professional way to go. [Click Here For More Info]

* TESTED ALL OVER THE WORLD BY DIVE PROFESSIONALS - "The AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ mask produces true to life colors in the reef, skin tones on other divers, gives a ‘sharper’ image to fish, and enhances never before seen colors during a dive. I will tell you up front, I was skeptical that the mask could produce results as claimed. As the saying goes, ‘seeing is believing.’ During the dive, I was completely blown away by the colors. I have done thousands of dives around the world; this was one of the most impressive and unique due to the enhanced colors using the AquacolorÒ lenses." from the report of a dive professional [Click Here For More Info]

* SEE MORE FISH AND DETAILS – color is definition; see what you’ve been missing. Try it. "Seeing is believing!" [Click Here For More Info]

* FOGLESS – cutting edge technology – the mask lenses are coated with VISTEXÒ, developed for surgical masks, where perfect vision is essential. "Wet it and forget it." [Click Here For More Info]

* DISTINCTIVE, ELEGANT, FUTURISTIC – available in silver/black/gold, silver/gold and black/gold. Anyone seeing this mask has to recognize that it’s on the cutting edge of today’s technology. Don’t you agree?

* ULTRAVIOLET PROTECTION – protects the eyes from damaging rays from the sun.

* USA MADE – made in California, these masks are of the finest quality, and one of the most comfortable, best fitting dive masks available for a variety of face shapes and sizes both for men and women. In years of shipping masks all over the world from this mold, the manufacturer has never received a complaint about the masks not fitting divers' faces, be they men or women. In the twelve years AquacolorÒ has been testing with these masks, they have fit every single face to perfection (with the exception of one individual who almost cannot find a mask to accommodate his distinguished nose).

* SNORKELER - AquacolorÒ dive mask designed specifically for snorkeling. [Click Here For More Info]

* SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – no hassle money back guarantee if for any reason you are not thrilled with the Aquacolor mask and/or dive experience. Best return policy in the industry, period! [Click Here For More Info]

Add $10 for Purge Valve (PV)


001 AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ
- Silver/Black/Gold
002 AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ - Silver/Gold
003 AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ - Black/Gold
004 AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ Pro
(w/ no filter over right eye for SLR photography)-
005 AquacolorÒ Snorkeler - Black/Gold



VISA or MASTER CARD (Sorry, no COD’s)

$99.95 plus $6.95 S&H

To order by phone: 1-800-298-0160

Dive In Correct Color

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