Fogging occurs when water vapor condenses on mask lenses and obscures vision. The condensate is caused by the temperature differential between the water and diversí faces. Anti-fogging chemicals are essentially wetting agents, because if the lenses can be kept at 100% saturation throughout the entire dive, the condensate is absorbed and cannot cause misting.

Fogging is exacerbated by the gasses released by the silicone materials used in the mask skirt as it continues to cure through the years. The newer the mask, the greater the problem. Usually beginning divers find themselves unable to see clearly and expend a lot of time dealing with fogging. Dive shops often tell divers to scrub their new masks with toothbrushes or abrasive soft scrubs. If you do this with an AquacolorÒ BimonocularÒ dive mask, you will destroy its fogless components and void your warranty and your guarantee.

VistexÒ is applied to the inner face of each AquacolorÒ mask lens. It is the most effective, most durable, optical quality coating available, and has proven effective on dive masks for as long as 12 years. VistexÒ is hydrophilic, or "water-loving." In other words, it is the ultimate anti-fogging agent. Thus we say at the beginning of each dive, "Wet it and forget it!"

Of course, if over time the VistexÒ is coated with the chemical residue of the curing silicone in the mask, or chemical residue from smoking or cooking while the mask is in storage, the VistexÒ cannot work. Also, if the VistexÒ gets coated by sunscreen lotion, it cannot work until that is washed off. For this reason, a small bottle of ShakleeÒ Basic-HÒ cleaner is enclosed with each mask. Basic-HÒ is a surfactant, a wetting agent. Unlike other soaps which clean with harsh chemicals, non-toxic Basic-HÒ makes water 100 times wetter. It works by letting the water get under the contaminants and lifting them away. Additionally, its antistatic properties remove the electrostatically charged particles which attract the molecules of water vapor. With Basic-HÒ and a fresh water rinse, the contaminants are removed, all without the strong chemicals which can damage the anti-fogging agent and your eyes as well. One drop per lens, a little water, rub with a clean finger, rinse and itís done. The Basic-HÒ is very concentrated and this travel size bottle makes as much glass cleaner as dozens of regular bottles of grocery store glass cleaners. So it should last most sport divers a very long time, even years. To get more Basic-HÒ , call 1-800-742-5533 or go to for the distributor nearest you.

VistexÒ is a registered trademark of Film Specialties, Inc., Hillsborough, NJ

ShakleeÒ and Basic-HÒ are registered trademarks of Shaklee Corporation, Pleasanton, CA


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