Light Through Water – As every diver knows, large bodies of water, like the sea or even swimming pools, serve as blue-green filters. As the through-water light path (depth) increases – and with it the blue-green filter effect - light becomes more diffuse, low contrast and monochromatic cyan. In such lighting conditions, life underwater appears less colorful and is less visible to the human eye than it would be out of water, lighted with the "white light" of direct sunlight. Photographers rarely capture red colors through more than 6-8 feet of water, even with lights. Eyes do better than film and video, but the underwater world still becomes drab pretty fast – a fact all divers can testify to.


Photos Made Without Aquacolor Filters

Only one of the colored mask lenses below holds patents and an international gold medal for producing scientifically accurate color correction through water
Dive Lenses

DacorÒ is a registered trademark of DacorÒ Corp., Northfield, IL
SeaVisionÒ is a registered trademark of SeaVisionÒ USA, St. Petersburg, FL

AquacolorÒ In-Water Color Correcting Filters – Patented AquacolorÒ filters are the ONLY SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE COLOR CORRECTION FILTERS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY AND FOR VISION THROUGH WATER. AquacolorÒ filters correct the various color components of the visible light spectrum through water, permitting objects and life underwater to be viewed in their true colors. They enable people to see first hand that nowhere else in the natural world does color reach the variety and dominance that are found in living coral reefs. AquacolorÒ filters were developed in the belief that man could never come up with portable lights that could compete with available sunlight. For the first time it is possible for divers to see the true colors in the sea without complex Hollywood lighting systems.

Photos Made With Aquacolor Filters

AquacolorÒ Filters Are A Significant Scientific Advancement For Underwater Color Correction – Recipient of The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers’ John Grierson International Gold Medal Award for significant technical achievement related to the production of documentary motion-picture films, specifically "for revolutionizing underwater amateur, documentary, cinema, film and video production, the unique system has produced a dramatic new perspective of the sea, its creatures, and man in the sea."

The above honor is the same award given for IMAXÒ technology and for Jacques Cousteau’s innovative underwater developments over the years.

Scientist Dr. F.G. Walton Smith, former Dean of The University of Miami Rosenstiel Institute and founder of The International Oceanographic Foundation, stated that, "AquacolorÒ is the most important breakthrough in underwater photography in the past 30 years."

Noted Hollywood screenwriter John Osborn wrote, "AquacolorÒ provides a whole new perspective of 70% of the planet."

Dr. Dennis Chamberland, NASA scientist, expressed the opinion that, "AquacolorÒ advances underwater photography by an order of magnitude" (1,000%).

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