Snorkelers enjoy the underwater sights and activities with different equipment requirements from SCUBA divers. Snorkelers lie on the surface and look at the reefs and wrecks below or they dive down repeatedly into the underwater world and keep returning to the surface for air. Unlike SCUBA divers, snorkelers' eyes are repeatedly exposed to the surface daylight and do not have time to fully open up for the dimmer light underwater. Also they usually swim at shallower depths where less color is absorbed by the water. The AquacolorÒ Snorkeler mask is designed specifically to meet these requirements.

The same award-winning, patented color correcting filter technology is used in the lenses, with densities appropriate to the shallower depths and surface daylight. And these lenses are fogless, too.

The AquacolorÒ Snorkeler features the same low volume, super-comfortable fitting, opaque-skirt mask as the SCUBA version. It features elegant gold lens retaining rings. The AquacolorÒ Snorkeler also functions as sunglasses in tropical glare and protects your eyes from ultraviolet light damage.

Above and below the surface, this is the dive mask of choice for snorkelers!

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